Chromebook Suggestions

Issues with a particular website not loading or have a stuck setting?

Removing the account and re-adding it may help fix these issues. A video link and help site is included below on how to do this.

Video Link:

Google's Help Site with step by step instructions:

Remove Bad Extensions

An extension may be causing problems. You can remove extensions by typing in chrome://extensions in the browser bar and clicking remove on ones that you do not use or appear to be junk. There will be extensions that you cannot uninstall.

Google's Help Site regarding extension management:

Blank screen while Chromebook is powered on

Hold the power button down for several seconds until it shuts off (power light turns off), close the lid, and reopen it. If it still does not come back on, try again.

Not charging

Check the connection into the power adapter. Make sure the cord fits snugly (see picture below) into the power adapter.

If the Chromebook is unusable, please contact your child's teacher so that we can arrange a repair or replacement.